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PPR Pipe Fittings With Its Own Advantages, Anti-aging Ability


اتصالات لوله PPR در بازار چین دارای چشم انداز توسعه بیشتر است، لوله PPR چین در استفاده از صنایع مختلف در بهبود مستمر تقاضا برای PPR لوله نیز به طور مداوم در حال گسترش، لوله جدید PPR به عنوان یک محصول جدید در لوله، برای دیدار تقاضای بازار شدیدتر است. سپس برای همه تجزیه و تحلیل کنید که چرا چشم انداز توسعه بسیار بزرگ وجود دارد:

لوله PPR نه تنها وزن معمول لوله پلاستیکی کوچک است، ضد خوردگی، مشکل در مقیاس، استفاده از زمان طولانی و دیگر ویژگی ها، دیگر ویژگی های اصلی مانند:

1، دستگاه ساده است، همگرایی در خط. PPR همچنین عملکرد عالی جوشکاری دارد، اتصالات لوله و لوله را می توان برای ذوب شدن و ذوب شدن برای جوش استفاده کرد و همگرایی آن از قدرت سختی خود نیز بیشتر است.

2, PPR waste can also be recycled.

3، استفاده از یک زمان طولانی. لوله PPR در دمای کار 70 â "ƒ، فشار کار (P.N) شرایط 1.OMPa، حداقل 50 سال می تواند مورد استفاده قرار گیرد؛ در دمای 20 â "ƒ در مورد حداقل 100 سال است.

4, PPR material molecules only carbon, hydrogen, there is no harmful toxic substances exist, can be used in hot and cold water pipes and pure drinking water system.

5, this material can be insulated and energy saving. PPR tube thermal conductivity of 0.21w / mk, about 1/200 of steel.

6, excellent heat resistance. PPR tube Vicat softening point 131.5 ℃. The maximum working temperature of up to 95 ℃, can reach the construction of water supply and drainage standards in the use of hot water system standards.

PPR pipe fittings production demand is also constantly ahead of the quality of the product is not the slightest slack, ppr tube as a new type of pipe in the 21st century, occupies an important position in the market, made the majority of users Praise. So we must be selected in the selection of high quality GB products, not because of cheap and lead to late irreparable fault.

PPR pipe fittings, although there are also very good performance, but because of the reasons for the material itself and the strength of the metal pipe material or a certain gap. In the transport of the time must be protected ppr pipe, to avoid excessive collision caused by PPR pipe damage.

PPR pipe fittings in the anti-aging performance is a very good pipe, but as a plastic material produced by the product, in the long-term ultraviolet radiation or will inevitably be a certain degree of aging, even if no matter how good the process can not avoid such a problem The

PPR pipe fittings are connected to the plastic pipe, the connection tool used to connect the tube with its own advantages, anti-aging ability, in the tube when some of the telescopic still remain tight.

When using less than PPR pipe fittings, this interface should not be frequently unscrewed to avoid loosening of the situation, to maintain a stable working condition. PPR pipe fittings to place it in a ventilated and dry place, can not be long-term compression or soaked in water, this will make the joints of the pipe by varying degrees of damage.