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PE Electro Fusion Moulding Repairing Saddle (LD-09)


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • علامت تجاری: SUNPLAST

  • مشخصات: GB15558.2، GB13663.2، ISO4437، ISO4427

  • Origin:Zhejiang China

  • کد HS: 3917

Product Description

ماده: PE100
د: 20 * 20 * 20 ~ 75 * 75 * 75
SDR: 17 PN: 1.0
شکل: کاهش، برابر است
Technics: Moulding
Connection: Welding
استاندارد: GB13663.2
کولور: آبی یا سیاه
ISO9001: 2000

Applications: Gas supply, water supply, industrial liquids transportation and sewage treatment
نمایش ها
Corosion Resistance
It can resist the corosion of many chemical mediums, except for few strong oxidants. 
Longevity of Service
این مقاومت بسیار خوبی برای رشد (رشد شکاف آهسته) SCG و (سریع پیوند ترک خوردگی) RCP است و می تواند با تأثیر تغییرات دمای محیط و عوامل انسانی موثر باشد. این می تواند بیش از 50 سال استفاده شود.
The high_toughness adapts it to uneven sediment of the pipe base even earthquake. 

The strength of the joint is higher than the joined pipes. It can provide a fine airtight performance. 
Fine Applicability
It can be connected with pipes or fittings of all specificanions and dimensions, which are the same in SDR and made from the same material. It also can be connected with pipes or fittings with same kind and class of materials but with different grades.

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