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لوله های پلاستیکی به طور چشمگیری در سال های آتی گرما می گیرند


China of plastic pipe industry in recent years rapid development, has formed is big scale, annual near 2 million tons, only below United States Home World second bit, but General Shang China of plastic pipe industry also in primary stage, technology and equipment just from relies on introduced transition to imitation, products level and the application range and international compared also has not small gap, China to from plastic pipe powers progress to plastic pipe power also need plastic pipe industry parties of common efforts.

Feature is the application of plastic pipe Fan Tong is very broad, almost every area in the plastic pipe, there are always new applications new demand for new development. The plastics pipe industry in the rapid development of China, international plastic pipes are also in progress, current issues on research and development of plastics pipe in very much. Some of the hot topics of current research and development is critical, these breakthroughs may for the next step in the development of plastic pipes have a significant influence and promotion.